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Matthew Herbert


Performing under the aliases Herbert, Doctor Rockit, Radio Boy, Wishmountain, and with the Matthew Herbert Big Band, Matthew is a genre-defying music pioneer. He has scored ten feature films, including Human Traffic- writing for an 80 piece orchestras in some instances. He is a frequent collaborator with high profile artists, remixing, arranging and producing people like Quincy Jones, Bjork, R.E.M, Serge Gainsbourg and Dizzee Rascal. He performs in both classical and pop venues, from the Sydney Opera House to the London Jazz Festival to Glastonbury and Broadway. He is a rare musician in the world of contemporary electronica - an artist with an interest in current classical techniques who samples noises ranging from ripped-up newspaper to a tank running over a picnic. Matthew has been extraordinarily successful in a variety of media. He has scored ballets, fashion shows, and theatre, with non-musical collaborators ranging from the playwright Caryl Churchill to purveyor of radical cuisine Heston Blumenthal. A trained musician from a young age, Matthew Herbert began experimenting with aleatoric processes while studying drama at Exeter University in the early 1990s. He gave his first public performance in 1995 as Wishmountain, reportedly using a bag of chips as an instrument.In 2001, Herbert issued Bodily Functions; it culled sounds generated by manipulating human hair and skin as well as internal bodily organs. It would be his first full-length to receive worldwide distribution. Goodbye Swingtime, a 2003 album issued as the Matthew Herbert Big Band. Recorded with sixteen musicians from the British jazz world, including saxophonists Dave O'Higgins and Nigel Hitchcock, pianist Phil Parnell, and bassist Dave Green, the band is complemented on stage by Siciliano, Arto Lindsay, Warp recording artist Jamie Lidell, and Mara Carlyle. On May 30 2006, Herbert issued Scale, his most successful album to date. In the U.S., it reached number 20 on Billboard's electronic music album chart. Entertainment Weekly remarked, "Herbert sneakily subverts Scale's apocalyptic thematic thread into something warm and danceable." Online magazine Pitchfork Media noted, "Sophisticated and whimsical, joyful and yet tinged with sadness, Scale is one of this year's great albums. "In 2011 Matthew scored Kevin Macdonald & Ridley Scott's film “Life in a Day” for which he received a prestigious IVOR NOVELLO nomination. The score featured a full 80-piece orchestra. If there is a key to Herbert's success, it's his musical singularity.

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