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Howard Drossin


RZA describes his relationship with Howard Drossin as being: "like Peanut Butter and Jelly. Though we come from different musical backgrounds, when we work collaboratively, we compliment each other really well." Drossin agrees, adding that they have the ability to take each other's work and reinterpret it, add or subtract from it, or simply combine it to create a seamless whole that has depth and feels fresh. To Drossin, that is what makes them work well together-- that, and that they love a lot of the same things (Old Kung-Fu movies, Ennio Morricone, guitars, and embracing a certain amount of low-fidelity and even glitches in sound among them). The "The Man with the Iron Fists" score was intended to be somewhat of a mashup from the start. RZA originally wanted it to be a needle-drop score (ala Quentin Tarantino films) so Drossin made efforts to keep some of that sensibility. As to influences, Drossin cites "Hip-Hop, Stax, Asian instrumentation, old Kung-Fu films, 70's string and guitar sensibilities, while also paying homage to some scores that we both admired, including classic Shaw Brothers films."Drossin adds, "everything heard in the "˜The Man with the Iron Fists" score, with the exception of my guitars and the samples, was done with midi orchestra, synths, and drum machines. While I love using real orchestras, in this case, I think the fact that it is virtually all synthetic gives the score a unique sound."Now that "The Man with the Iron Fists" score is finished, Drossin is working on "Champion", an original opera by Terence Blanchard, commissioned by the St. Louis Opera. Drossin, who has orchestrated all of Blanchard's films since 2002, will also be the orchestrator for the opera which premiers in June of 2013. Independently, Drossin has created the score for numerous films, commercials, and video games. In addition to his work with RZA and Blanchard, Howard has also worked with Paul Oakenfold and Steve Jordan. He has also created string and orchestral arrangements for such artists as The Black Keys, Beyonce, and Rod Stewart.

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